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Mission, Vision, Values


The Development Center for Appropriate Technology works to enhance the health of the planet and our communities by promoting a shift to sustainable construction and development through leadership, strategic relationships, and education.


We envision a world where communities thrive and are built in harmony with nature, because people understand the consequences of their choices and make decisions for their own and the Earth's benefit.


We believe... there is reason for hope.

We live at a critical moment in human history. Our decisions today will determine the well being of all future generations. We believe hopeful and positive options are available to meet current and future needs, preserving and enhancing the natural regenerative capacities of our planetary life-support system. The Development Center for Appropriate Technology’s work is inspired and guided by this belief, and expressed through the following values:

Nature and the Built Environment

Human life and nature are intimately connected and we must care for nature as we care for ourselves.

We value the potential to evolve sustainable, life-enhancing human systems and built environments that are fully integrated with nature.

Technology and Community

Technology is the application of ideas, energy and resources to solve problems and create change. Appropriate technology is that which strives to minimize negative consequences to all life, and connects people with each other and the Earth.

We value elegant solutions that enhance community self-sufficiency, build local economies, and draw on cultural wisdom.

Our Culture and Relationships

Like a spider web, our relationships are made strong through their interconnecting strands. Sharing collective knowledge, the whole is more resilient.

We value heart-centered, collaborative processes and partnerships that support the common good.

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